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Have your say - what do YOU want?
In the event of my
Have your say - what do YOU want?

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Rebecca McMillan, England
Hello everyone I know. In case I suddenly die tomorrow, I am going to tell you what to do, as I won't be alive to ask.
Firstly, please can I be cremated, as I do not want to be eaten by the bugs underground.
Secondly, can everyone dress in their brightest clothes, as i want my funeral to be happy, and not solemn. Could I please have sunflowers spread around the church (the one where I was christened) because sunflowers represent happiness and light, which I will be in your hearts, guiding you through the stresses of life, that I shall not encounter.
I would like all my friends and family to be present and if possible the Stereophonics!
Please may you throw my ashes out onto the ocean as I feel at peace listening to the soft tumble of waves.
Also may you please read this out:
"Dear loved ones. I am gone now, but my heart and spirit will shine through you, and the flame will continue to burn forever. I have enjoyed my life, and am sad that it has come to an end, but do not be disheartened, live life to the full, as you never know what each day may bring. Be positive, be happy, enjoy life, and when you are sad, turn to me, above, for guidance and security as I will always be watching over you. Thank you for providing me joy and happiness, and for always being there. May my memory be with you for ever and ever. Goodbye."
Love Becky

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