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In the event of my

I know what you're thinking, what a morbid website, but dig a little deeper (excuse the cheep joke!) and you'll find that it's not morbid, but...

...USEFUL!!! Let me explain. How many people die every day without meaning to? Loads! How many of them didn't expect it to happen? Even more!! And I bet you that all those dead people wished they'd made some plans for what happened after their death, whether it be a few funeral requests or just something they'd always wanted to tell someone.

This is where this website comes in handy. All you have to do is email me your last requests and I will publish them on this site with your name and the country you live in so that if you die unexpectedly, your loved ones can come here and see what colour flowers you want at your funeral etc.

Trust me, it's a great idea! You'll thank me when you're not buried in your least favourite cemetary!

Below are some things you might like to think about:-

* dress code
* songs to be played
* people to be invited
* flowers
* buried or cremated?
* headstone
* cemetery to be buried in
* location ashes sprinkled

* specific benefactors

* newspaper announcement
* people to tell that might be forgotten i.e. internet friends
* last words to loved ones
* secrets you always meant to reveal or wher these secrets are written down if you don't want to publish them on the internet!

Please note that I am NOT a legal will firm or anything like that, so don't assume I have any power over anything because I don't!!

Don't forget to include your full name and the country you live in. If you wish, ! can also post your email address along with your last wishes.

Once you've realised that this is one of those life changing ideas that people have from time to time (coz it is) and you'd like to be involved, all you have to do is write me a lovely email, detailing your last wishes and hit send, it's as simple as that! If you get stuck for what to write, there's a handy list of things you might want to plan just to your left and down a bit. See it? Good.

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